No-one noticed that I apologised, says Sahir Lodhi


Yesterday a video clip of Sahir Lodhi came to the surface and took the social media by storm. In that video the Sahir Lodhi, who was holding a debate competition in his Ramazan show Ishq Ramzan, interrupted a  female guest and insulted her on live TV for taking Quaid-e-Azam’s name ‘in vain.’

He brought up the incident during yesterday’s show and claimed that no one ran the clip where he asked for forgiveness.

He also said, “I have survived doing what I want to do despite all the criticism and accusations,” while referring to what he calls a ‘discriminatory attitude’ against him by the media, the industry and the general public.

He just doesn’t understand however, that the female debater he insulted was never criticising the founder of Pakistan. Also, he actually interrupted the poor girl, when he has often been quite vocal about how he hates being interrupted.

You can watch the original video here: