Sahir Lodhi insults girl debater on his show


KARACHI: Sahir Lodhi completely LOST it this time as he got extremely rude to a woman debater on his show; he crossed a line there really. 

The girl was actually invited on his show to talk about women’s rights; hence it was a bit ironic that the show’s host insulted her.

This is what happened; the girl, who had just started reciting her poem was rudely cut in the middle by Lodhi the moment she mentioned Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

“Who gave you the permission to question the services of Jinnah? We would have not been living here so freely if he hadn’t helped us,” Sahir Lodhi said. He then went on to express how it angers him when people blame Jinnah or Allama Iqbal for Pakistan’s current problems.

You can watch the video here:

Sahir Lodhi’s outburst didn’t go down very well with people, and he’s being blamed for putting on this act for better ratings for his show.


  1. The girl was talking rubbish against her country , and then blamed Quaid for handing over Pakistan into wrong hands. Sahir lodhi interupted well and was right in saying and stopping the idiot girl.

    • So oppression of women is just fun foolish guys like you who feel insecure when see a strong lady !

    • well what she said was true.its not like these things do not happen in pakistan and besides sahir lodhi himself was dare he insulted a girl . you see whatever she said turned out true because of sahir lodhi’s outburst. and he had no right to insult someone especially on social media.

  2. I agree she may have ‘insulted’ our country. She was talking about he rights of feminism,women. Sahir Lodhi heard it wrong she was not insulting Quaid e alam she was saying that if he was here maybe these rights would be given to the women. Quaid e azam did so much for us and if he was here maybe rights would be given to the women. He has his win opinion but why did he insult her? He could have politely said I disagree with this but look at his volume they way he is shouting at the girl and interrupting and saying that ‘why are you clapping’ . Disheartened by this act of Sahir Lodhi and how he reacted to a poem which was about the rights of women.

  3. Saher lodhi has no mind to understand anything what she say. He did it to get publicity.
    Shame on you for insulting a Debater.

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