Islamabad’s water scarcity



The water shortage in the Federal Capital is at an alarming stage.  In the hot days of summer water is essential need of human being, animals and plants. The water level Islamabad has gone down since climate change in Pakistan. The personal borings have failed to suck water. The water supply also fails in the hot summer days every year as the CDA Administrations fails to manage for interrupted supply of water in the F-, G- , H-and I-Sectors of Islamabad. The Water Tankers have also failed meet house to house water in the Capital’s Urban and Rural Area on official as well as private basis. In the start of holy month of Ramadan this summer season, demand of water tankers increase in the Urban and Rural areas of the Capital from Rs.1000/- to Rs.3000/-. Attention of CDA management which is under the Capital Administration and Development Division for planning is invited for necessary arrangements in the Capital of Pakistan.



Malik Brohi