Saudi King Salman gifts $1.2 billion items to Trump


US President Donald Trump received gifts from Saudi King Shah Salman with worth of $ 1.2 billion during his first visit to kingdom.

The gifts given by Saudi King included a precious diamond, armband made of pure gold with King Salman’s photo imprinted on it and 25 kilogram heavy sword made of pure gold with different diamonds and stones on it.

The sword is worth of $ 200 million.

Furthermore, gold and diamond made watches, worth of $ 200 million,   were also gifted to Trump and his family.

A small replica of Statue of Liberty but made with gold, diamond and precious stones will also be sent to White House soon.

Meanwhile, one of the major roads in Riyadh has also been named after Trump.

A 125 meter long yacht, which is world’s tallest personal yacht as it has 80 rooms with 20 royal suits, will also be sent through US navy to America.

No US President has received these kinds of gifts before by Saudi Kingdom.


  1. These millions of dollars should have been given to the people of Saudi Arabia who are in need , or to Muslims all around the world. President Trump does not need money.

  2. Trump is a very rich man and he doesn’t care about these gifts, his goal is America First, which he promised during elections. The poor in Saudi Arabia needs food and housing, give these to them. Saudi kingdom is on its last legs a few more years and it’s all over. Saudi are buying time but the end is near.

  3. Stop posting fake stories. Any gift to president belongs to the country and it goes to national archives, if President wants to own them he will have to pay the market value of that gift.

  4. Obama had too much class and integrity and the Saudis knew that, they also know Trump would sell his mother for a few bucks, what’s a country?

    Btw, Trump by law cannot keep any of it and will have to give it to the Smithsonian. Ignoramus probably didn’t know that before accepting it.

  5. Apart from accepting heavy gifts by Donald Trump the question arises that why Saudi Kingdom is so much inclined to gift items of millions of US $s to US President. Is it out of sense of insecurity or some thing else. No US President did ever receive such heavy n precious gifts. Any way bothes are giants of Arab and Western World undoubtedly.

  6. If true this amounts to bribing America for the green light to control lesser states in the Middle East and for full support for waging war on Iran. Trump would have done it even without all this. King Salman main purpose is just to save his monarchy. They’re squandering the national wealth. KSA is one of the most backward society where woman cannot even drive and cannot travel without the consent of a male relative.

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