Combing operations in full swing



by Junaid Yousaf Zai

At least 18 suspected people have been rounded up during combing operations in different areas of Katlang Tehsil on Sunday.

The Katlang police launched overnight search operations under the Chairmanship of DSP Ijaz Khan in different areas of Showa Banda, Mata Kaly and Mado Kaly of Katlang Tehsil.

During the operations, Police arrested one wanted criminal, five facilitators and 14 suspects.

Police also inspected thirty houses, fifty-eight cars and forty motorcycles under vehicle verification system.

Police said that two pistols, one short gun 35 cartridges were recovered from the miscreants.

Combing operations have been a part of counter-terrorism strategy that focuses on small areas to eradicate the remains of War on Terror. Army works on the intelligence reports and targets ‘sleeper cells’ in this form of strategy so that terrorism is completely eliminated from the country.