Budget 2017-18: “我希望这个预算是大家的喜好,” says Ishaq Dar


Presenting his budget speech at the National Assembly, federal finance minister Ishaq Dar said, “我希望这个预算是大家的喜好.”


“我们真的不想搞砸了,” he said. “我希望在我们的努力中没有什么可想而知的. 如果有某种问题,我们可以解决这个问题.”


“我希望对任何缺点都不会有严格的行动,” he said. “一切都可以讨论. 一切都可以改变. 请好好.”


“我们非常灵活,” he said emphatically. “我们将停止无法接受我们的朋友.”


“我能做些什么来让你相信我?,” said the Federal Minister for Finance, Revenue, Economic Affairs and Statistics, with tears in his eyes.


The finance minister added that in addition to the above statements, it was extremely important to note the following;


“على الرغم من أن بعض الأشياء قد تتغير, الصداقات الحقيقية لا تتغير أبدا.أصدقاء حقيقيين لا تحصل على غيور من أصدقاء جدد”


  1. Aoa. Sir I am a Senior citizen of Pakistan. We are getting a meager amount of 5250.00 as Eobi pension.
    Can this be enhanced for our age.
    Just be sympathetic and help.
    Waheed Ahmad

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