SC suspends SHC’s ban on heavy traffic entry


KARACHI: Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) has suspended order of Sindh High Court (SHC) pertaining to ban on entry of heavy traffic in Karachi, metropolis of Sindh, citing crippling of business activities.

The verdict of the apex court holds SHC’s order in violation of basic human rights and a verdict of the SC given in 2007. The Karachi Port Trust counsel said that the top court had permitted entry of heavy traffic in Karachi from 11:00 pm to 06:00 am; however, the high court disallowed the entry in its entirety.

The apex court has issued notices to all parties after it admitted all appeals today against SHC’s verdict for hearings.

Earlier, ports in Karachi had suspended business activities owing to shortage of space to have goods, imported by traders, unloaded.

Traders, industrialists, and manufacturers alike slammed the protesting body for causing a severe hindrance in the supply of basic necessities and other imported goods.

An association of the heavy traffic had suspended its activities to protest the SHC ban.