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Khuda mera bhi hai

We say that we are good enough to give rights to the women, children, orphans and poor and all who are in need. We say our hearts are now satisfied because at least we’ve performed our job well. But has any of us have ever thought about that third gender?  Aren’t they human beings? Does our so called human right’s day exclude this third gender?

They should have the right to live their lives independently and freely and in whatever style and whatever way they want because Islam and Allah has allowed them an equal status. They have the right to choose what’s right and what’s wrong for them, they have the right to choose the way of earning and not just staying stuck with beggary and dancing (because that’s what our society has chosen for them).

A time has come when a serious action is required in order to them equality. A time has come where more dramas like ‘Khuda mera bhi hai’ are needed to bring positive changes in our society. Despite having examples of several transgender, our society is still lagging behind and it seems still unable to accept and give them an equal opportunity in every step of their lives. The members of this third gender community are setting examples for the people like them to not get ashamed of what Allah has made them!

A very recent example of Ayesha Mughal – a transgender who got appointed at Quaid-e-Azam University is such an inspiration for the young members of this community. Not only Ayesha but there are many other too that joined modelling and fashion design and are standing up for themselves, for their whole community showing that they weren’t born to be a joke for the society.
It’s time to wake up.