I am Malala, reveals Musarrat Ahmedzeb


In a shocking revelation, PTI MNA Mussarat Ahmedzeb has said that she is, in fact, the famous Malala Yousafzai.

“That is true, I am the girl who was shot by the Taliban for speaking up for education,” she said. “The girl you now know as Malala Yousafzai is a mere impostor, who was planted in that position before I even got discharged from the hospital.”

“I was shocked when I saw everyone praising her and calling her Malala Yousafzai, when it was I who was shot for speaking out against the Taliban. I am Malala, who goes by the pen names Gul Makai and Mussarat Ahmedzeb. This is a sham.”

“This identity theft was far more disturbing than actually being shot,” she said. “Already, I was tired from having to operate on myself based on the knowledge of surgery I had picked up on YouTube during the time period that the Taliban had closed my school.”

“But now this girl comes up and goes around saying she’s all that. Ugh!”

“I hate these princesses, thinking they’re entitled to special attention because of some sort of royal family that they belong to,” she said.


  1. Pakistantoday … congratulations for bringing yellow journalism to the internet. Half of the time you are copy pasting news from various online news resources while the rest of the time you are … oh well that’s exactly what you are doing the rest of the time too.

    • We are a people full of hypocrisy Mr. Tahir. You are absolutely right. Those who cannot do something always blame others for their failures. In addition, they are always a people with jealous heart and mind just because they want to be what others are but without the hard-work and facing troubles.
      Regards with reverence

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