Govt keen to promote ties with overseas Pakistanis: Amjad


ISLAMABAD: Overseas Pakistanis Foundation’s (OPF) Board of Governors Chairman Barrister Amjad Malik on Sunday said that the present government was keen to promote, nurture and sustain a mutually beneficial and productive relationship between Pakistan and Overseas Pakistani.

He said expressed these views, while addressing a gathering of Pakistani diaspora based in Belgium and Luxembourg, at a meeting organised by the Pakistan Embassy.

Barrister Malik called upon the community to strengthen themselves politically in the host country by taking an active part in the local politics and remaining united beyond political affiliations back home.

He stressed upon the community to respect local laws and make a positive contribution to the host society.

While giving an overview of some of the initiatives taken by the government and the Overseas Pakistani Foundation, Barrister Malik informed that the present government has given a mandate to the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation’s Board of Governors to bring profound reforms by taking practical steps.

He said that the aim of his visit was to listen to the problems to diaspora and ascertain suggestions and recommendations with a view to improving services being rendered by the government for 10 million overseas Pakistanis around the globe, including estimated 2.2 million Pakistanis in the Europe.

Pakistani expatriates and their children influence their homeland culturally and economically by maintaining close ties, travelling to Pakistan and investing there.

Barrister Malik said that the Pakistanis living in Belgium should be considered ambassadors of Pakistan who are always willing to help overseas Pakistanis in Belgium and their relatives in Pakistan.

Malik stated that the welfare of the overseas Pakistanis was of very great significance to the prime minister.

The government not only gave representation to overseas Pakistanis in the board of governors of the foundation but also nominated an overseas Pakistani as its chairman.

We expanded and shared this representation with the help of Pakistan Missions to 136 Overseas Pakistanis coming from different walks of life and different region of the world. These members will represent their community and inform the government of their grievances, he added.

In an interactive session following the address, Barrister Malik replied to the questions of community members from different walks of life.


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