DG anticorruption says no official will get away with corruption


The public servants in the province have appealed to the authorities to take action under section 182 against the groups that blackmail them by filing false applications against them with the anticorruption department.

The Punjab Anticorruption Director General (DG) Brigadier (retd) Muzaffar Ali has said that during the process of computerization of the anticorruption complaint management system in the province, various cases of false applications against public figures, in order to blackmail them, have surfaced. He said that the anticorruption department will bar the entry of all professional applicants in the offices of the department. He said this while presiding over a meeting of all the regional directors of Punjab anticorruption department.

Muzaffar said that the anticorruption department has asked the government to increase the punishment of the false applicants under section 182 by six months. He added that conciliation between the complainant and accused is out of the question. He said that corrupt officials are the scum of the society and that no lenience would be extended to them. He said that strict action will be taken against corrupt officials and an investigation would continue in this regard even with the applicants backing out from the case. He further said that action will also be taken against those applicants who may back out from their earlier stance. He said that he will leave no stone unturned to send the corrupt officials behind bars and instructed the public servants to always file a case in the courts against any individual they may find involved in corruption.

DG anticorruption instructed the Additional DG (ADG) Nadeem Sarwar to wind down the cases the 50 inquiries filed against corrupt officials in Multan. He further asked the ADG to constitute a 3 member inquiry committee in the Headquarters to expedite the process.

The DG stated that over the last 10 months his department has received 17645 complaints out of which 9927 have been resolved. He said that more than Rs 1 billion have also been recovered from the corrupt officials. He said that 1421 accused were arrested on charges of corruption. He added that Punjab anticorruption, in order to catch officials receiving bribe off-guard, has conducted 238 raids in which 140 people have been arrested.