PTI’s social media activist detained by FIA over cyber crime


Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), the other day, detained a member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s social media team, a party office bearer is reported to have claimed.

PTI’s central core committee member Qasim Khan Suri confirmed that a former information secretary of party’s Balochistan chapter, Salar Kakar, was taken into custody.

“Was with Salar Khan in FIA office…He’s being taken to Islamabad. Proud of our boy!” he tweeted.

Suri also shared the notice served to Salar, claimed to be the founder of PTI’s cyber force, by the federal agency.

Moreover, Salar also confirmed that the FIA had asked him to submit his laptop and mobile phone in a tweet.

Following Salar’s detention, Imran Khan tweeted that the government was using the cybercrime law to “politically victimise PTI social media activists”, which is “unacceptable in a democracy”.

The state minister in a statement issued on Monday said that “Those, who are using social media for slanderous and negative propaganda against the constitutional state institutions, are warned to desist from this undesirable activity.”

“All the suspicious accounts, which are being used for propaganda against these entities, are under strict surveillance and action will be taken against the users of these accounts under the Cyber Crimes Law.”