Poverty stricken airlines resorts to narcotics smuggling to make ends meet


ISLAMABAD – Clearly feeling the burden of the Rs 185 billion that it owes others, poverty stricken Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has resorted to narcotic smuggling to make ends meet, The Dependent has learnt.

With little or no financial support found in government policies, the national carrier is exploring other options to pay the debt, which includes Rs 49.162 billion to the Civil Aviation Authority, and Rs 14 billion to Pakistan State Oil.

“Considering the nonexistent employment opportunities and an ever expanding family, I have had to take steps contrary to my conscience that I wouldn’t have taken otherwise,” the Pakistan International Airlines told The Dependent.

“In addition to smuggling drugs, I am also a human trafficker, transporting more people than approved. This helps me pay some of the bills,” it further confirmed.

PIA also clarified that the debt showing on record does not include the money that it has borrowed from childhood friends, or loans taken from extended family.

“It is impossible to pay children’s school fees these days, let alone buy any clothes for the family,” PIA confessed. “Of course the money I owe for electricity bills and fuel consumption shows on record.”

The national carrier especially implored the government to help it out.

“The Economic Reform Unit (ERU) of Ministry of Finance makes me stand in the long queue in all this heat and then just send me back home without any money,” the cash-strapped airlines said.

“Consider these realities before you judge me for smuggling heroin to the UK.”


  1. This is not a satire. That is how we are forced to live (by time, can’t blame anyone else). I do not if Pakistani military, Shareefs, Zardaris, Bhuttos, and other Khan like creatures can see their real face in the mirror.

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