Uch Sharif: Landlord unleashes dogs on elderly woman 


UCH SHARIF: A landlord in Uch Sharif unleashed his dogs on an elderly woman on the provocation of a female relative, which injured the lady.

The old woman named Wassan Mai was passing through the path that was in front of Nazeer Mai’s home, three acres away from her own, and Nazeer Mai started abusing her.

Both of them were involved in an argument and exchanged harsh words as well. Wassan Mai came back home afterwards but Nazeer Mai’s anger did not cool down.

She went to his landlord relative Khursheed Ahmad and told about the incident. Khursheed Ahmad became furious and went to Wassan Mai’s home with two dogs which badly bitten the elderly woman.

Wassan Mai kept on screaming but the landlord did not let her go until she was wounded by the dogs. The locals also gathered after hearing the shouts of Wassan Mai, and begged Khursheed Ahmed to free the woman.

Wassan Mai was later taken to a private hospital for treatment in injured condition.