MAJU holds seminar on entrepreneurship


KARACHI: To become a successful entrepreneur, one requires proper use of his mental abilities and to create opportunities for himself rather than waiting for opportunities.

These views were expressed by Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan at a seminar on Entrepreneurship, organised by Mohammad Ali Jinnah University’s Business Administration Students Society.

“I being a member of a working family started selling food items on a footpath at the age of 12 and now after over 50 years’ hard work and struggle I am a chairman of a pharmaceutical company,” the senator said.

Sindh Revenue Board (SRB) Deputy Commissioner Imran Bhatti and MA Jinnah University’s Economics Department Head Dr Shafiq Ur Rehman also addressed the seminar.

The senator urged the students to adopt positive thinking, identify problems and find the solutions, seek consultation, follow their decisions strictly, go for time management, take benefit of the available opportunities, understand good and bad conditions and judge their own capacity. He said working collaboration, determination, convincing power and wisdom are most vital aspects needed for success.

He informed the students that at present the three departments are responsible for collecting taxes in Sindh, but SRB is collecting 51 per cent of total recovery of taxes of the province only.

Later, Economics Department Head DrShafiq Ur Rehman thanked the guest speakers and presented MAJU souvenirs to them.