IHC confiscates Indian envoy’s mobile for taking judge’s picture


ISLAMABAD: Indian High Commission’s First Secretary Piyush Singh’s mobile phone was confiscated on Friday when he took a picture of the judge during the hearing of the Indian citizen Uzma’s case at the Islamabad High Court.

Singh came to the court along with Uzma, who has alleged she was forced to marry Pakistani citizen Tahir, adding that she was unaware of Tahir’s first marriage and that he is the father of four children.

During today’s proceedings of the case, the First Secretary clicked a picture of the judge, which infuriated Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani.

The judge expressed his anger and said that it’s not a theatre, asking the Indian envoy to not take advantage of his position.

Following this, the court’s staff took into custody the Singh’s mobile and deleted the picture.

The Indian envoy’s phone was returned after he wrote an apology regarding his disregard of the court’s decorum.


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