Explosive laden vehicle entering Pak destroyed


HANGU: Security Forces destroyed an explosive-laden vehicle entering Pakistan from Afghanistan on Friday.

Assistant Political Agent in Parachinar, Shahid Ali Khan said that terrorists were attempting to sneak an explosive-laden vehicle from the Paktia province in Afghanistan into Pakistan to target Jashan-e-Zahoor Imam Mehdi (AS) rally in Parachinar.

Levies personnel intercepted the vehicle at Borki checkpost near the border. In the exchange of fire the vehicle was destroyed.

Kurram is the most sensitive tribal area and has been the key route of terrorist infiltration into Pakistan.

On the other hand, life in Chaman is gradually returning to normalcy after the attack of Afghan forces on the Pakistani census team as Bab-e-Dosti has partially reopened for the women, children and sick people after eight days of closure.

Troops of Pakistan Army and Frontier Corps (FC) remain alert to respond to any form of agrression from across the border.