CAA submits response to court over Shaheen Air new flight schedule



Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) submitted its first written response to the Sindh High Court (SHC) in the case filed by Shaheen Air for acceptance of new flight schedules; therefore the SHC has adjourned the case till May 23, 2017.

Earlier, the SHC had ruled in favour of Shaheen Air International (SAI) against CAA’s directive to submit documents, within 45 days, for a fresh Regular Public Transport (RPT) license by legally suspending this demand.

SHC had also restored use of the aerobridge facility illegally withdrawn by CAA for punishing SAI passengers. Also, on May 5, the court had granted permission to the airline to carry out its international flight operations from Multan and Faisalabad. Both these cities were to see inaugural flights to new destinations on April 23 and May2, respectively, but were barred by the CAA without assigning any reason causing distress to passengers.

Pending the SHC decision, the SAI will temporarily hold its inaugural flights from Faisalabad International Airport that were scheduled to commence this week. New schedule for these inaugural flights will be announced after the court passes an order on the issue which is expected by May 23.

SAI management has apologised to the passengers but has asked for their support during this time as the inconvenience is caused by the CAA and not any fault of SAI. The airline is optimistic for a positive decision from the court as these are routine timetable changes which the CAA is withholding for no justifiable reason and at great cost and inconvenience to Pakistan’s travelling public. The airline will keep striving to make air travel more available, affordable and easy for the people of Pakistan.