11-year-old Musa sets world record



Eleven-year-old Pakistani martial artist Muhammad Musa has set a world record by striking 5620 full contact kicks in one hour at the renowned Guinness World Record Holder Ahmad Amin Bodla’s Academy in Lahore.

Talking to the agency, Bodla said the pad was held at the waist level of the kid. “This is the first time in the history that this kind of record has been set by a minor.”

Bodla said he had been breaking records for the last six years. “Now I am to develop talented athletes in endurance sports,” he said.

Musa is a student of record holder Bodla, who has been coaching him for the last three years. Musa currently holds a red belt in Taekwondo.

Musa said he was very happy that his hard work paid off. “Sir Bodla worked hard on me. I got gold in the National Endurance Championship last month. Now I aim to become a professional endurance athlete at world level,” Musa said.