Lahore: Man lost kidney to repay debt


Lahore: A man was deprived of one of his kidneys as he failed to meet interest payments on a loan.

The victim, Irfan, had borrowed Rs. 10,000 from a moneylender five years ago, he told Lahore High Court on Wednesday. Irfan said that he returned three times the amount he borrowed but Manzoor with the complicity of those involved in illegal organ transplant took his kidney and sold it.

Despite that moneylenders asked him for a further payment of Rs. 400,000. The petitioner has therefore requested the court to take action.

The accused also attended the court and denied all allegations.

Meanwhile, Safia Bibi, a lady health worker involved in illegal kidney transplant was jailed on a 14 day judicial remand.

The Federal Investigation Agency officials took Safia to the court on Wednesday.

The FIA officials told the court that Safia assisted the doctors involved in illegal kidney transplant.

The accused had admitted that she was involved in the crime for the past three years, said FIA. Safia Bibi said she convinced people to sell their kidney and managed to do business with dozens of organs, getting a hefty amount in return.