Kashmiri denied medical assistance in India


Mumbai: An Indian doctor reportedly denied medical assistance to a woman for being Kashmiri.

According to a report, Dr Manoj Tiwari of Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research Chandigarh was helping out a patient named Nasreen Malik well until he got to know her Kashmiri origin by reading her prescriptions from SKIMS Medical College.

It is reported that after finding out she was Kashmiri the doctor was infuriated and threw away the papers and shouted at her “people of Kashmir pelt stones at our forces and then come to India seeking Medical treatment”.

Talking to media after the incident Nasreen’s son Javaid complained that Tiwari was very responsive to us till he didnt see the prescription of SKIMS Medical College”.

Javed added that the hospital staff became disrespectful to them aswell and started asking us to fill forms and none helped them with filling the forms.

“I had to leave the hospital without getting my mother treated,” Javed Malik said.



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