Afghan families flee as Taliban take key northern district

epa05506659 An Afghan family leaves Kunduz city following clashes between Taliban and Afghan security forces, Kunduz, Afghanistan, 22 August 2016. According to reports Afghan forces successfully managed to retake control of Khanabad district from Taliban militants and a battle is ongoing to normalize the situation. EPA/JAWED KARGAR


Hundreds of Afghan families have fled fighting between the Taliban and government forces near the northern city of Kunduz as the insurgents captured a strategic district soon after launching their annual spring offensive.

The militants began their assault on the Qala-e-Zal district in Kunduz on Saturday and captured most of it including the district centre.

The attack triggered intense fighting with government forces that sent civilians fleeing toward the provincial capital of Kunduz.

The Norwegian Refugee Council, which has offices in Kunduz, said in a statement that some families were forced to sleep in the open while others moved into the homes of relatives.

“Around 2:30am Taliban fighters came to our houses and asked us to evacuate. They told us not to make any sound. We were all afraid,” said Abdul Karim, 31 who fled Qala-e Zal with his family to Kunduz city, according to the statement.

“Taliban fighters were shooting from one side of our house and the Afghan National Security Forces from the other side. A rocket landed in my garden. My wife told me that if I didn’t flee, she would leave the house alone with our two daughters,” said another resident, 29-year-old  Rahman Gerdi.

Mahfuzullah Akbari, a government spokesman, said Afghan forces retreated from the district to avoid civilian casualties while a Taliban spokesman said in a statement they had forced them out.

“We have launched an operation to retake the district,” Akbari told AFP. On April 28 the Taliban launched their “spring offensive”, heralding a surge in fighting.