Residents of UC 30 of Islamabad lacking basic civic amenities


The residents of G-7 Union Council 30 located in Islamabad are lacking civic amenities owing to sheer negligence of CDA and despotic attitude of the bureaucracy.

Old dysfunctional and dilapidated sewerage and water supply lines have added to the woes of the residents of this union council.

No play ground has been constructed for the youth and even the families are deprived of any picnic point or public park for leisure activities.

The elected representatives of this union council are ensuring smooth supply of water, installation of street lights and cleanliness arrangements on self-help basis as they have neither been provided funds nor have they been delegated powers to start any public welfare projects or provide civic amenities to the people.

A resident living in G-7 area of Islamabad said that they are facing immense difficulties as water is not being supplied to their areas, after they had approached filtration plants located in G-6 and F-6 to fulfill their water needs for washing and drinking purposes.

Another resident said that there is no proper system of sewerage and sanitation, as the pipelines are partially choked and some of them are dysfunctional due to which children and elderly persons are always at risk of bacterial and other diseases.

According to the sources, there are five tube wells installed in the UC 30, however, water is only supplied for three hours after every 24 hours.

A government servant resident lashed out at the authorities by saying that CDA has not taken any initiatives, while government has also not released funds to repair and refurbish the dilapidated building and government houses located in area.

The CDA has also failed to construct any playgrounds and parks for the enjoyment and sports activities for the families and children. The street lights are also dysfunctional in the area, while residents and public representatives are collecting funds for addressing the problems on their own.

According to documents, over 28,000 registered voters are living here, who voted for various parties in local bodies’ election.

The UC member of ruling PML (N) on the condition of anonymity said that they had been elected by the public, however, they were helpless and the authorities had not devolved the powers, so how could they work out on the solutions for growing problems.