Interface session of Women Councillors Caucus with PCSW


‘Women In Struggle for Empowerment’ (WISE) organised its first Interface session of Women Councillors Caucus with the Punjab Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW), here.

According to a PCSW spokesman, the purpose behind the formation of the caucus was advocacy of gender sensitive development at local level, mainstreaming of gender sensitive policies and services and highlighting women issues within the local government structures.

In this context, WISE has provided capacity building training to 650 elected women councillors in two districts of Punjab: Lahore and Nankana Sahib.

The spokesman said that a 35-member group, including a WISE team and a 30-member women councillors caucus visited PCSW, Lahore.

At the occasion, Chairperson PCSW Lahore, Fauzia Viqar said that communal efforts were needed to achieve the targets set by WISE and that women must be brought into the mainstream in all spheres of life.

She emphasized on the need for a proactive role to be played by everyone to raise the living conditions of the deprived gender and for the raising of voice by women to gain their due rights and for the implementation of concerned laws. ”It is the primary duty of local councillors to represent their people on suitable platforms to deliver effectively”.

Executive Director WISE Bushra Khaliq said that WISE was propagating pro-women laws and mechanisms and that it has taken capacity building measures to boost confidence among women at all levels.