PEMRA releases set of instructions regarding morning shows


Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has released a set of rules and instructions for morning shows.

The notification released by PEMRA mentions that TV channels of all categories, air morning shows. What started as a source of information and entertainment for viewers has been turned into a race for ratings and revenues by the TV channels.

According to complaints received by PEMRA, the morning shows tackle only a few problems which mainly revive around family problems, wedding rituals, black magic, tips from “Hakeems”, common diseases, etc.

PEMRA notes that there is no delay mechanism for taking live calls on the show and there is no censorship for these calls either.

Salient features of the instructions include;

  • Selection of topic must be done with prudence and sensitive issues must be avoided
  • Guests should be knowledgeable enough to talk about the chosen topics.
  • Topics like black magic should be avoided
  • Personal/sensitive relationships shouldn’t be discussed in these programmes. Anything that is contrary to our societal values shouldn’t be chosen as a topic.
  • Guests shouldn’t be made to do anything on set that they might not be comfortable with
  • Personal lives of famous personalities should not be discussed
  • Any such discussions which might hurt the self-esteem of guests should be avoided

 The following notification has been released by Pemra in light of this issue:






Recently, Geo TV’s show “Geo Pakistan” was banned by PEMRA for airing inappropriate content. In addition, about 2 months ago, a show cause notice was sent to TV One for a morning show on account of objectionable content.