Pemra bans Shahid Masood from showing screenshot of ISPR tweet and shouting “Phadda! Phadda!”


The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority slapped on Thursday a restriction on TV anchor Dr Shahid Masood from showing screenshots of the controversial tweet by the ISPR and shouting “Phadda! Phadda!

“Per se, there is nothing wrong, as far as freedom of speech is concerned, to egg on state institutions against each other, though it is wrong to egg on a state institution against an elected government,” said Absar Alam, Pemra chief.

“However, in this particular case, the very complaint was filed by anti-democratic quarters,” he said. ‘They were of the view that though they were admittedly not ones to be able to talk about propriety and principals, the sheer giddiness of Shahid Masood was in bad form, regardless of how you slice it.”

“What made matters worse was the good doctor’s follow up to the aforementioned screams,” he said. “He has been known to shout ‘hunn paegi itthe GAME!’”

Dr Shahid Masood, when contacted, said he will have no objection to the ban.

“I am happy with what I got. I have lived my life in these few few days,” he said, while smelling a couple of roses. “Hmmm…aah….life is beautiful!”