Foreign Office to take action against extremist threats to visiting Pakistani students in India


ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pakistan has announced to take action against threats to Pakistani students and teachers by extremists in India. Foreign Office spokesperson Nafees Zakaria said in a statement that the visiting delegation of students and teachers was sent back via Wagah border since the host organisation was getting threats. The visiting delegation was going to India on an exchange programme. He added that diplomatic sources will be taking action in response to the incident.

According to Indian media reports, the students, who had reached India on May 1, were sent back home within a day after threats were made to the host NGO for inviting the students. Reportedly, the NGO was advised by Indian government officials that it was an unfavourable time for exchange programmes.

Zakaria asserted that India continues to keep a hostile stance against Pakistan, Muslims and minorities, pointing out Indian extremists have in the past, created hurdles for Pakistani actors.

Just recently, an international chain store where Pakistani products were being sold was attacked, but the Indian government did not take any action against the incident. Zakaria added that extremism in India also targeted other minorities such as Christians.

The students on a five-day visit to India were reported to have been threatened by Hindu nationalist Shiv Sena. Following threats, the students were reportedly terrified and remained inside their rooms. They reached Wagah border safely on Wednesday.

A student while talking to local media sources described the ordeal she and her fellow students had to go through.

“We were having dinner when the commotion was raised and our in-charge said that we were to head to Pakistan tomorrow, everyone was surprised because we were scheduled to go to Agra to see the Taj Mahal tomorrow… We truly panicked after the announcement,” she said.

Tensions between two countries intensified again on May 2, when India accused Pakistan of killing and mutilating the bodies of two Indian soldiers across the Line of Control. Pakistan Army categorically rejected the accusations.