Murree’s ‘chhichhora crowd’ provided Nawaz, Jindal perfect camouflage for backchannel diplomacy: sources


ISLAMABAD: The ‘chhichhora crowd’ on Murree’s Mall Road gave Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and visiting Indian business tycoon Sajjan Jindal the perfect camouflage to discuss Indo-Pak diplomacy without being too conspicuous, sources privy to the meeting have told The Dependent.

Sources add that Sharif and Jindal enjoyed vanilla and chocolate cones, respectively, during multiple walks across the Mall Road, in which possible ways to improve ties between Pakistan and India were mulled.

“Both perfectly blended in with the chhichhora crowd,” said a senior government official. “The Prime Minister more so, considering his experience on this front. The PM enjoyed over a dozen anda pakoras, which suggests the talks went well.”

Sources added that considering the hostilities between the two countries any diplomatic exchanges would be carried out in similar incognito mode.

“The talks with the Afghan Taliban in 2015 were also held in Murree for the chhichhora reason,” a senior security official confirmed.

Meanwhile the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) has submitted a resolution in the Punjab Assembly over the issue. The resolution demanded that the nation’s chhichhoras not be ‘misused to befriend India’.

“They are a significant minority and form a good part of our vote bank. We don’t want them to feel violated,” said PTI’s Information Secretary Dr Shireen Mazari.