Huge cache of arms, ammunition recovered from car near Sheikhupura


LAHORE: The Motorway Police on Sunday seized a huge cache of arms and ammunition near Sheikhupura district of Punjab, according to reports.

The arms were recovered near Pindi Das area from a car, however, no arrest was made as the two men travelling in the vehicle managed to escape.

A huge amount of ammunition was recovered by the police, including 100 rifles, Kalashnikovs and cartridges, according to police. These weapons were hidden in a secret part of the car.

The police said the arms were being brought to Lahore from Islamabad and were supposed to be used for acts of terrorism.


  1. It is very interesting. The police stops a car loaded With lethal weapons. The suspects escaped. How did they manage to pull off this act. There is something fishy abiut it.

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