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MTFC,Sehat promote first aid awareness

Model Town Football Club (MTFC) and Sehat – a reputable Pakistani online pharmacy – have collaborated to promote first aid treatment among academic players and coaches.
Both MTFC and Sehat believe that injuries sustained during training and scrimmage can easily be treated with adequate supplies on-hand that, in-turn, will keep players from suffering a long term injury.
The two outfits will carry out seminars through which the players will be educated on playing conditions of Pakistan’s tough terrain and certain precautionary measures that lower the risk of getting injured; the players will be shown different items in a “model sports kit” and how each item caters to a different type of injury (freeze spray for short term relief for sprains, gauze sponges for catering to blood-inducing wounds, and different bandages for application on different appendages); the players will partake in a friendly game following a conditioning session.
This marks MTFC’s first collaboration with a healthcare organization, and Sehat’s first partnership in their “First Aid and Safety” certification program.