Junior accountant rejects notification by CEO on office timings


Ahsen Saleem, junior accountant at Zaahir Engineering Ltd, has rejected the notification issued by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Farooq Khattak on the issue of office timings.

The notification, which came after an investigation into office tardiness took place, includes the directive to place biometric devices which will take fingerprints of the employees and note in and out timings. The notification states that, barring a grace period of half an hour from reporting time, the employees’ salaries will be docked.

In a scathing tweet, followed by a written note, Ahsen Saleem, said that the notification was not in line with the investigation and is, therefore, rejected.

“Yeah, I said it,” said Saleem. “The question here is what you’re going to do about it?” “Nothing, right? Yeah, I thought so,” said Saleem, while getting into his Mercedes, which was recently bought for him by his father Zaahir Saleem , who owns majority shares in the firm.