Chinese couple leaves country after neighbours send them “Chicken Chumian” and “Fried Lullipop”



In a shocking disregard for neighbourly graces, a Chinese couple left Pakistan on tuesday after their next door neighbours reciprocated their gesture of sending biryani by sending traditional Chinese dishes.

“We had prepared that authentic Chinese cuisine with all our heart,” said Rasheeda Bhatti, from the neighbouring family. “And also, we had stuff prepared from the neighbourhood Chinese restaurant.”

“It was a genuine Chinese restaurant, run by a fellow called Steve, who is from Gujranwala but has spent a good six weeks in China,” she added. “Not China-china, but China-market in F-6/4, Islamabad.”

“Steve’s Chicken Chumian, I bet, is as good as what they have in China,” he continued. “And the fried Lullipop, which  we made ourselves, is famous across the entire neighbourhood and beyond.”

“Man asks (banda pucche) that if there was some problem in our food, then she should still have accepted out of the goodness of her heart,” she said. “After all, we accepted her extremely spicy version of pulao that she was using a Chinese word for. Biryani, she called it.”