Lahore man confused about not losing weight despite putting in the hours at the gym


Lahore – A 32 year old resident of Lahore, Ahmed Niazi, spent the entire weekend trying to figure out why his best efforts at the gym were not reflecting on the weighing scale.

“I’ve been at it for over a year man, I come here everyday and go through the motions but haven’t shed a pound” a particularly perturbed Ahmed explained while unnecessarily adding that the ‘crowd’ is best in the afternoon.

Although most fitness experts maintain that losing weight is 80% diet and 20% working out, Ahmed apparently has his own theory claiming “its 100% heart and I got alotta that”.

At time of writing Ahmed was still dumbfounded about his weight problem despite maintaining his heart rate at resting level while explaining his take on the Panamagate verdict to his personal trainer only to be interrupted by a call from his cook asking whether he wanted to have last night’s leftover Chinese take out or should he make him a salad – Ahmed chose the former.


  1. Actually Mr.Ahmed lives in Lahore which is known as the City of Foods and Lots of it !

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