My socio-political awareness reflects in my work: Farhan Akhtar


Filmmaker and actor Farhan Akhtar says as a creative person, he has a socio-political consciousness and that reflects in his work.

Asked about the importance of social awareness in being a creative person, Farhan asserted, “As a citizen, the social fabric that we are living in, all our actions impact others. So, that consciousness is important. When it comes to people like me, being a creative person, yes, my socio-political awareness reflects on my work.”

The 43-year-old actor says it’s important to be “aware of the people who inhabit in the same city, the same country that you are living in, about their sufferings because you never know, tomorrow, it might just affect you as well!”

Farhan joined a social campaign called Mission Blue, an initiative by National Geographic for water conservation. He has been associated with various other social causes earlier like the right to gender equality, tree planting, raising funds for flood victims of Kashmir and Assam in 2014 among many others.

Is it a choice or responsibility to raise his voice on social issues?

“Well, I think everyone has a responsibility towards the society they are living in. Now, whether you want to accept it or not, is a separate topic of discussion. But, acting on issues to take a step to resolve it, is a choice,” he said.

Asked about how to teach children to save water, Farhan said: “I agree upon the fact that playing with water in the summer is real fun. As a kid, like many others, even I loved playing in water…I won’t say, in the name of water conservation, snatching away childhood from kids.

“But now due to climate change, we are in a place to be very responsible towards the usage of water, because whatever we do today is going to have a very telling example of future.”

He added: “The reality is quite frightening for future. If I will go to research, by 2025, there is a possibility, that two-third of the population, might not be able to access water for drinking and sanitation. So, you know why acting upon such crisis is important?”