Authorities asked for early completion of road repair work


KARACHI: Social activists Saghir Ali Siddiqui on Tuesday requested the concerned authorities to ensure urgent completion of a two-kilometer road patch between Malir Halt and Malir 15 in the metropolis.

Siddiqui who is also the Secretary-General of Khadim- e- Millat Pakistan, in a statement, regretted that those at the helm of affairs appear to be oblivious of the plight of the masses.

Road repair and reconstruction work simultaneously initiated across the metropolis, without any alternative arrangements, has emerged to be a serious cause of annoyance for many of the citizens, he said.

Urging authorities to realise the anxiety among the road users, he said the pace of work must be expedited in an organised manner.

No compromise must be made on quality, said Siddiqui.