Aman ki asha or desh ki bhasha?



One will always find India standing in the front row with her buddies when it comes to liberalism. But when it comes to others’ religious beliefs, the liberalism fades away for the time being. The series of tweets posted by Sonu Nigham criticising ‘Azaan’ went viral over the social media, endangering the so called liberalism. His view of “forced religiousness” didn’t just face the opposition of Muslims, but also had the same response from Hindu community and many of his companions. His insensitivity towards religious beliefs raised many questions. Along with the Muslims stands the non-Muslim community questioning the bhajans and late night concerts that are being held from time to time. “Don’t such events bother believers of other faiths?” ask people condemning Sonu’s tweets.  At this point we all stand together demanding respect and freedom to practice our religions.


Marium Salam