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Faraz Abid Sheikhu: The man behind unique FAS designs

  • FAS represents magnetism towards traditional heritage sculpted on modern canvas.

The fashion industry in Pakistan is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. With lots of new designers entering the industry and the big names already contributing, has made this industry one of the most sought-after industries in the recent years.

The old designers have made their mark already, giving a chance to the new designers to showcase their talent. Just like that, another promising designer in the Pakistani fashion industry has been Faraz Abid Sheikhu of FAS Design Studio who is known for his regal designs and unique style.

He started the label with a workforce of only three people, and with his brilliant efforts, the label has gained a strong social perspective in no time. Pakistan Today got a chance to interview the designer himself to know more about the design label.

Tell us about your brand, what inspired you to work in this field?

My brand is all about global glamour. FAS represents magnetism towards traditional heritage sculpted on modern canvas.

Our field of fashion design demands creativity in every step and I aim to play my part by offering to showcase my creativity through my ensembles.

What does fashion mean to you?

In my opinion, fashion is the highest form of expression. Through fashion, we can represent who we are by what we wear.

Fashion has its own language and you can simply tell a lot about a person by what he or she is wearing.

What would you say is your Unique Selling Point (USP) that catches people’s attention?

I believe the cutlines and the quality of the fabrics, materials used in my ensembles is the biggest USP. It’s all in the details. Our team puts in a lot of effort to make sure that each and every ensemble designed is top notch.

You participated in BCW 2016. Tell us about your experience.

I showcased my collection “Mehram” at the Bridal Couture Week in November 2016. The collection was all about pastel hues adorned with rich techniques bejewelled with floral detailing and high-quality sequins.

The collection received a phenomenal response and as this was my first participation in BCW, I enjoyed working with the team.

What does couture entail?

Couture clothing involves detailed, unique construction with intricate design elements and luxurious fabrics.

It’s designed and proportioned specifically for the customer and you cannot find it mass produced in other stores.

Bridal gowns and red carpet ceremony dresses are often couture designs, produced for a few high-end clients or runway shows to demonstrate fashion forward trends.

How pret is different from couture?

Pret-a-Porter is basically ready-to-wear luxury wear in standard sizes, aimed to satisfy the demands of the consumers.

Manufacturing is faster and is more profitable for the businesses because it produces a high volume of merchandise and a wider distribution.

Pret is more informal and practical in appearance than couture. Whereas, couture is made upon specific request and is measured to fit the client perfectly with the more luxurious detailing.

What’s your mantra to keep going; where do you get your inspirations from?

My mantra is to believe in yourself because if you don’t, no one else will.

One should also learn to accept failure and remain positive because the positive vibes keep you going and your outcome will be much greater than expected.

As far as inspiration is concerned, it can be done anywhere; it all depends on what catches your attention. Since I have and continue to travel a lot I think most of my inspiration comes from that. After that, I transfer all of the thoughts into a wearable piece of art.

Where do you operate from?

As of now, our main studio is in Gujranwala, where we operate from. Apart from that, we have also been working with a couple of multi-brand stores. You can find our ensembles at ‘Labels’ store in Islamabad.

Are you also working on menswear?

FAS Design Studio is all about fulfilling the wardrobe needs of both men and women. Our creative team has been working on menswear kurtas, as well as a little something for the grooms.

So far, all the pieces have gained an overwhelming response after we introduced a new range of colours and embellishments on men’s kurtas and shoe line.

What’s in for summers?

Summer is all about cool undertones and flared fabrics. This summer is all about reviving the 80’s era of fashion and incorporating it in pret and even bridal wear.

Basically, it is all about frills, bows and flares this summer season.

What would you say is your Return on Investment (RoI)?

My RoI is the trust my clients put in me. That is what I look forward to and the reason why I invest my energy and creativity for the best results.

The satisfaction of my clients is of utmost importance to me. My clients are the reason I keep doing what I do best.

Anything you’d like to add for our readers?

Well, my advice to everyone in whatever field they are in is to worry less, smile more and accept criticism. One should also learn to take responsibility and keep doing what you do best.

Saneela Jawad

The author is a former member of the staff. Her interests lie in culture, fashion and highlighting social injustices. She's also on a mission to end hunger with the initiative Tiffin Point. She tweets at @SaneelaJawad Email: [email protected]

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