Senate body for regular representation of Sindh in IPEMC 


KARACHI: Federal Education’s Senate Standing Committee on Tuesday wrote a letter to the Sindh government for their participation in the Inter-Provincial Education Minister’s Conference (IPEMC) as a regular representative.

The committee meeting was held in Karachi under the chairmanship of Senator Rahila Magsi and attended by Education Minister Baligh- ur-Rahman, Senator Mushahid Hussain, Senator Khushbakht Shujat, Senator Ayesha Raza Farooq, Senator Nuzhat Sadiq and officials from the Education Ministry.  Rahila Magsi said that the concerned high authorities of the Sindh government would be called to the next meeting if needed.

Baligh- ur- Rahman informed the meeting that there was an improvement in the federal capital’s and Punjab’s education sector.

He said the number of out of school children has been decreasing in the federal capital and Punjab for last three years while improvement was needed in the education sector of Sindh.

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has issued notices to the universities, who were not up to the mark, the minister said.

The minister went on to say that the HEC’s budget has been doubled during the current government tenure. The educational standards have been set for the first time in the history of Pakistan, he remarked.

Senator Ayesha Raza in the meeting criticised the partial role of Inter Board Chairman Committee (IBCC) in the issuance of equivalence certificate.

She was of the view that the IBCC hasn’t been neutral towards all the sectors, including government and private, of education, adding that it is biased towards the O and A level students.

The senator said that the IBCC representatives should have been here for the meeting adding that they should be called in the next meeting.

The chairman of the body said that the permission would be taken from the Senate chairman for calling the IBCC officials in the next meeting.