Saleh Zafir expected to shift to PM’s gallbladder after gallstone removal



ISLAMABAD – Noted Islamabad-based journalist Saleh Zafir

is expected to shift over to the premiere’s gallbladder after the removal of the gallstone that has accumulated there.

The investigative journalist, currently residing elsewhere

in the vicinity, was the first to alert medical authorities about the presence of the said solid lump of cholesterol in the gallbladder.

“The decision to let the journalist occupy the gallbladder

was made, in part because of his situational awareness and in part because of his proximity to the prime minister,” said a source in the Establishment Division.

Government accommodation in the federal capital is notoriously

difficult to acquire, with cases of officers, even those at BPS-22, at times unable to find a vacant residential unit to shift to. The vacating of such a unit in a prime location in the seat of the federal capital is usually keenly observed and heavily contested.

“The race was between Saleh Zafir and PML(N) member Daniyal Aziz, but in the end Zafir won out,” said the source.

“Residences in F-6 are deeply contested, but this one

is bang on Constitutional Avenue,” he continued. “And Raiwind. And London. And Jeddah.”