Man who captained Pakistan to World Cup win and then shut up about it retires


LAHORE – Younis Khan, the man who led Pakistan to their only World Cup triumph in the shortest, and the most popular, version of cricket in 2009 has announced his retirement from all forms of the game.

While talking to the media at the Gaddafi Stadium, Younis, who is the first and only World Cup winning Pakistani captain to shut up about captaining the team to a world title, recalled how he was able to perform this superhuman feat.

“To be very honest I was very scared initially,” Younis confessed. “After that famous win in 2009, when the underdog Pakistani side overcame a slow start to the tournament to win the World Cup, everyone told me how I would now have to keep bragging about it till I die. They said I don’t have a choice, that this is just what happens after you win a World Cup.”

The veteran middle-order batsman said he worked hard to overcome the odds, adding that what helped him succeed was the sudden realisation that cricket is a team sport.

“The odds were stacked against me of course, but through sheer will and determination, I managed to overcome them. What also helps control the urge to use the first person pronoun to refer to a World Cup win is the precious knowledge that there are 10 other players in the starting team and at least five more in the squad,” he said.

Meanwhile, talking to The Dependent Test captain Misbah-ul-Haq who also announced his retirement from international cricket said he plans to shut up about becoming the first captain to win the ICC Test Mace as well.

“If you get down to the basics, apply yourself with dedication and fully commit to not believing that the sun revolves around you, shutting up about winning world championships and trophies becomes easier,” he said.