Rev Dr Majid Abel honoured for 25 years for service


The grounds of Presbyterian Church, Noulakha, sparkled on Friday night, bedecked with decorations and lights to mark the silver jubilee of the services of Reverend Doctor Majid Abel to the church. Members of the Presbyterian Church and those from other churches around the country turned up to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of Moderator Majid Abel for his services to the Christian community. Musicians and students entertained the audiences with carols, songs, and theatre performances.

Minister for Human Rights and Minorities’ Affairs Khalil Tahir Sandhu attended the celebrations as the chief guest.

The participants applauded the untiring services of Rev Dr Majid Abel who has worked hard for 25 years for the promotion of the Christian faith, interfaith harmony, and peace and compassion among different religions.

Some of the speakers at the ceremony went on to talk about the history of the church, its founding and the obstacles which were overcome to set up the Presbyterian Church, Noulakha. The Christian community honoured Rev Dr Majid Abel as he was garlanded and presented a sacred ring. Choirs sang sacred songs and priests prayed for the well-being of the pastor and prosperity solidarity, peace and religious harmony in the country.

In his speech, Rev Dr Majid Abel shed light on various difficulties faced by him in the performance of his religious duties for the community and expressed his gratitude for the honour being bestowed upon him by the community members and Church leaders. The Presbyterian Church, Noulakha, is turning all its focus towards its vision to extend the church’s religious, educational, and welfare activities, he added.

Addressing the audience, Minister Khalil Tahir Sandhu said that the provincial government will take every possible step to ensure the rights and safety of Christians and other minorities in the province. All religions bring a message of peace, harmony and tranquillity, said Khalil Tahir Sandhu.

Sandhu said there were some commonalities and values among different faiths in the Pakistan which could enable us to work together to jointly contribute to the development and prosperity of the country. According to the minorities’ minister, every religion and the Constitution of Pakistan give all basic rights to each and every community to spend their lives according to their own faith. We need to jointly struggle to build a peaceful and prosperous country, he added. Taking all possible steps for the protection of their lives and property is the utmost duty of the provincial government, he concluded.

Bishop Alexander Malik, Professor Hubert, Rita Javed, Pastor James Channan, Hina Abel, Theological Seminary Principal Nosheen Khan, Johnson Bernard, eminent pastors from all central churches of Pakistan, representatives of minority communities, civil society and thousands of Christians attended the celebrations.