KP principally approves special security force for CPEC  

To go with story 'Pakistan-China-economy-transport, FEATURE' by Guillaume LAVALLÉE In this photograph taken on September 29, 2015, Pakistani commuters wait to travel through a newly built tunnel in northern Pakistan's Gojal Valley. A glossy highway and hundreds of lorries transporting Chinese workers by the thousands: the new Silk Road is under construction in northern Pakistan, but locals living on the border are yet to be convinced they will receive more from it than dust. AFP PHOTO / Aamir QURESHI


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government principally approved a special security force, CPEC Security Force, for the safety of CPEC routes, projects, Chinese investments and the Chinese nationals.

According to press release, provincial government is taking a keen interest in CPEC projects and will ensure providing better security to all the investors in the best interest of the province.

The Home & Tribal Affairs Department and KP police has completed their consultations on the formation and features of CPEC Security Force. For the purposes, KP government will purchase equipment, weapons, ammunitions, vehicles, worth Rs 1.2 billion.

According to the Home & Tribal Affairs Department, the special security force will comprise of 4200 security personnel at an initial stage and depute them from different sources i.e. Police, different security forces on contract basis.

This force will have its own chain of command and gradually increase will be made in its formation. A special cell will also be established to daily monitor the activities related to CPEC security and investments.

CPEC Security Force will exist in all that divisions of the province where the projects related to CPEC are under operations.