President Mamnoon signs military food courts into effect


President Mamnoon Hussein on Saturday signed into effect legislation enabling military food courts across the country.

The bill, which sought amendment in the Army Act, 1957, was passed, with reservations from some parties, by both houses of parliament, before it made its way to the president for final approval.

The legislation was passed because certain quarters felt that the efficiency of the civilian food courts in providing a variety of different cuisines was abysmally low.

“We feel that the civilian food courts are clogged up with their large backlogs,” said Abdul Qadir Baloch, of the ruling PML(N). “Because of this, orders can take up to one-and-a-half hours at some food courts.”

Critics caution that in the military food courts, the service might be quick but there is little evidence that the quality of the food served is good or even is what the customer ordered in the first place.

“The reason there is little evidence about the efficacy of the military food courts is that there is very little transparency,” said chairperson Human Right Commission of Pakistan, Hina Jillani. “Despite the problems of the civilian food courts, you can at least complain to the manager and have your correct order placed. Here, you have to eat whatever they want to feed you.”