Fearless Chinese diplomats not adding security outside embassies despite beard, burqa ban in China


BAGHDAD/DAMASCUS/KABUL/ABUJA/JAKARTA/ISLAMABAD – Fearless and undaunted, Chinese diplomats are not seeking any additional layers of security to the ones that they already have, despite Beijing banning government workers from wearing burqas or growing ‘abnormal’ beards in the Muslim province of Xinjiang on Saturday.

While all Chinese Embassies around the Muslim world declined to comment despite repeated efforts, their counterparts have lauded the ‘bravery’ and ‘audacity’ of these diplomats at a time when violent backlash in inevitable.

“I would’ve run for my life,” says a senior Danish diplomat who has previously served in multiple Muslim countries. “Which is what I have already done to be very honest. But even if diplomatic protocols might not allow that, the very least one would expect is beefed up security.”

“I fear the worst for them, but I can only hope that the inevitable violent reactions on the street don’t transform into attacks on the embassies,” says a former French First Secretary.

Meanwhile, it has been observed that the governments of the Muslim majority states that usually witness violent reaction to decisions curbing Islamic freedom are not doing anything to address what lies in store either.

“Stop calling me on Saturday and wasting my time!” was the official response from the Pakistan Foreign Office when asked about security arrangements for the Chinese working in the country in multiple capacities.