Dr Asim Hussain in no rush to finalise name for his militant group following release


KARACHI: Former Petroleum Minister and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader says he is in no hurry to finalise the name for the group of militants that he treated in his hospital, following the Sindh High Court’s approval of his bail plea.

Dr Hussain who faces charges of corruption and abetting terrorism says that he’s first going to relax a bit and then come up with a suitable name for the terrorists, after the anti-terrorism court issued orders for his release.

Dr Hussain’s lawyer, Anwar Mansoor Khan, has also informed the media that his client’s health condition was worsening and that he required complete rest, before he can think of a name that could challenge the many trendsetters already in the market.

“No, I don’t think we’ll name it after Mr Asif Ali Zardari,” Dr Hussain clarified rumours while talking to the media on his wheelchair. “I think I will come up with a petroleum or gas punch-line. It’s only fair because that’s where the funding for the group comes from.”

Meanwhile on Bol, PPP cochairman Zardari clarified that his TV show will not become a propaganda outlet for the yet-to-be-named militant outfit.

“Dr Asim Hussain will have his own show on Bol for this purpose, where he will spread the ideology of this group on live TV,” Zardari announced on his show.

Furthermore, promotional leaflets obtained by The Dependent have invited creative suggestions for the group’s name. The leaflets also clarify that only those getting treatment at Dr Hussain’s hospital will be eligible for membership.