A Pakistani man forced a plane to turn around because he missed his wife


They say that love makes people do the strangest things. And not just in the movies that is. This is one such story that occurred recently.

On March 11, a Pakistani man named Irfan Hakim Ali was on-board a plane going from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia. He had boarded a flight with Shaheen Air and after it had already taken off from Lahore, Irfan forced it to land and he did it by throwing a tantrum.

The reason for the tantrum? He missed his wife and did not wish to go to Saudi Arabia but had the change of heart after the plane was already in the air.

Irfan, who hails from Sheikhupura, stood up on his seat and started screaming onboard the Shaheen Air flight, telling the passengers and crew that his wife had died and that he had to go back to Lahore.

As per existing protocols, planes can only do an emergency landing because of technical/medical problems or due to unruly passengers. In Irfan’s case, the crew and pilot were left with no choice but to take the plane back to Lahore.

Once the plane was back in the city, he confessed to the airport authorities that he had lied about his wife passing away.

Being a newly wed, he had just missed his wife too much and the prospect of leaving her for a job in Saudi Arabia was just too much to bear. Talk about the age-old adage that absence makes the heart grow fonder!

Courtest: propakistani


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