Was flying around govt helicopter for Uber and Careem to cover KP revenue shortfall, says Imran


Chairman Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf Imran Khan said that all accusations regarding his use of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government helicopters were unfounded as he was merely attempting to cover the tax revenue shortage of the provincial government.

“We have unfortunately not been able to meet the provincial tax this year,” said the leader, speaking to reporters from his Bani Gala estate. “And it was incumbent upon us to think out of the box to achieve our revenue targets.”

“We did much thinking. There was the option finally taxing the Taraki family’s tobacco products, but they did not give us permission and threatened to cut off funding both to the party and the Bani Gala kitchen,” he said.

“Another option was to copyright and sell pictures of me exercising and the final was to feature our chief minister dancing in a Peek Freans advertisement, till the idea finally hit me,” he said. “Why not register the KP government helicopters with ride-sharing companies Uber and Careem and provide rides?”

“While I was slaving away to bridge the provincial fiscal deficit, the narrow minded critics of the party thought I was misusing this government resource,” he said. “I swear. There’s no pleasing some people.”

The press conference had to be cut short because Mr Khan had received another notification for a ride and left abruptly saying he didn’t want to get a bad rating.