Imran says Shadab Khan is good, but not best to come out of Mianwali


In a statement given to the media outside Bani Galla,PTI Chairman, Imran Khan, has said that while leg spin prodigy Shadab Khan is a good find for the Pakistan Cricket team, he is not the best player to have come out of the Mianwali district.

The right arm legspinner from Mianwali recently made his debut against the West Indies where he wowed cricket fans with his record figures. The North-Western Punjab district has also been responsible for producing the country’s two most successful captains, Imran Khan and Misbah ul Haq.

“Yes he’s a good bowler. And yes, his performance in the PSL was brilliant, I even know that he won the Man of the match award, but he isn’t even close to the top of the list of cricketers from Mianwali,” said an erratic looking Imran while constantly wiping sweat off his brow.

“It isn’t even his fault!” he added, “how can he even come close when the best player Mianwali ever produced is me!”

Reporters were stumped as the PTI leader ignored their questions about Panamagate, and other national issues, instead choosing to rant about Shadab.

“I just don’t know what the media is trying to do. First they tried to hype similarities between me and Misbah in the 2015 World Cup. Then they gave unnecessary attention to Attaullah Eesakhelvi, and now they’re highlighting that Shadab is from my home town. What is everyone trying to say?”

When the dazed reporters tried to ask why it wasn’t possible for the district to have more cricketing talent, Mr Khan took off his dark glasses, gave the offending reporter a menacing stare and told him to talk to him the day Misbah and Shadab won World Cups for Pakistan.