Walled city authority cracks down on illegal construction


The building control department of the Walled City of Lahore Authority (WCLA) is functioning effectively to overcome illegal construction and encroachments. In the last year, the building control department sent out 1,209 notices to dangerous and illegal constructions inside the walled city of Lahore.

Almost 420 illegal buildings constructing basements and adding structures without approval by the authority have been sealed.

Istighasa (private complaints to the magistrate) has been launched against 396 illegal properties, with the number of FIRs against illegal properties standing at 740 and those against partially demolished properties at 160.

WCLA Building Control Deputy Director Riffat Pasha said, “Illegal construction inside the walled city of Lahore is a huge menace and we are trying to overcome it with full determination. We are facing several mafia in this regard but I am content that the political will is with the WCLA. We are being helped by the political groups in fighting the mafia. Our team is surveying different wards of walled city Lahore during the night time and it is becoming effective now that we are able to seal and catch ongoing works immediately.”

According to WCLA Conservation and Building Control Director Najam Us Saqib, “The authority is in process to increase the required manpower as well so that our team becomes more efficient and effective throughout the walled city. There are deep roots of illegal constructions inside the walled city and this will surely take some time to stop. It cannot all happen overnight but I am sure that we will make this city a heritage zone by controlling these issues.”