Two women, child suffered burn injuries after using acid-laced water


MULTAN: At least two women and a child suffered burn injuries after unknowingly using water laced with acid at a wedding in Vehari, police said.

A wedding was taking place at Nawab Marki Marriage club in People’s Colony where a woman used the acidic water to wash up her toddler. The child started screaming when the water touched his skin, burning his genitals, while the woman burnt her hand trying to get it off him.

Another woman received similar injuries when she poured the water on herself. All three victims were shifted to Nishtar Hospital, Multan.

Danewal police said that the manager of the club fled following the incident and that an investigation into the incident has been started.

Meanwhile, residents of the area claimed that the mixing of acid with water was a deliberate act as some members of the groom’s family weren’t happy with the marriage. The incident subsequently led to the postponement of the ceremony.

However, groom Rana Umar said that his family could not be involved in such inhumane act, adding, “My family was against our marriage but now everyone is happy.”